We used the beautiful game to tell the world about the beauty of Provence


Our brief was a little different with this client. Rather than the usual 2/3 key messages we have to deliver we were presented with several partners behind the campaign who all wanted their key message mentioned, totalling 18!

From the culture of Provence, to access, to the golf courses and more there were lots of messages that all needed to mentioned equally.

We worked with Sir Geoff Hurst on the Monday before the European championships kicked off where England were playing their first match in Marseille in the region of Provence. We then divided all relevant key messages up to ensure all partners were happy. Our headline for our advisory was ‘What can we expect from the next month of football in France? Sir Geoff Hurst reveals all……’

The campaign secured a mixture of coverage including National with Talksport, BBC Radio 5 Live and Sky News Radio.

We also delivered 14 BBC’s and top commercial radio stations. Total potential reach was over 54 million and delivered 217 radio stations in total.