Unique study explores how sense of smell triggers memories in dementia patients  

Sky Sunrise screenshot.png

We worked with Boots UK to land broadcast coverage around a unique study which evaluated the benefits of multi-sensory memory boxes in helping people with dementia to communicate and interact. 

We filmed b-roll of dementia patients in local care homes interacting with multi-sensory boxes containing beloved items from the Boots archive which we could offer to broadcasters looking to cover the story. Items such as soaps and perfumes prompted conversation and helped patients with recalling memories, all of which was captured in our b-roll.

 Alongside the video assets, we had the leaders of the study, Professor Victoria Tischler from the University of West London and Boots Archivist, Sophie Clapp, available for interview to talk about it. 

TV coverage included BBC London, BBC East Midlands Today, ITV Central and Sky News Sunrise, and we secured live interviews on BBC Scotland, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Nottingham as well as regional commercial radio stations. Total potential reach for the campaign was over 3,700,000.