Highlighting employers’ attitudes towards veterans


Our brief was to generate coverage around the launch of a major report by Deloitte into problems faced by veterans trying to secure a meaningful job. Figures showed that although 87% of employers were aware of recruitment programmes for veterans, only 24% used them. The report also highlighted why employing veterans was good for British business; showing that ex-military personnel were more likely to be promoted. The study by Deloitte and armed forces charities, Forces in Mind Trust and the Officers Association was one of the biggest of its kind into employers’ attitudes towards veterans.

We worked closely with Deloitte to extract the strongest possible top line from the study, and secured case studies to give the story a human angle.

We used our extensive contacts to secure top tier coverage on a range of national broadcast outlets. Spokespeople from Deloitte and armed forces charities appeared on Channel 4 News and Sky Sunrise.

We also landed extensive coverage on national BBC Radio networks including reports on BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Ulster, all of which delivered key messages for Deloitte.

The story appeared on radio stations that have an audience reach of more than 28 million people, securing highly prized slots on prestigious news programmes.