MILLION people struggle to buy fresh produce

Victoria Derbyshire screenshot 1.png

Food poverty is a phrase that has been used with increasing regularity since the financial crash of 2008 when the 'age of austerity' was ushered in. It's an issue that effects tens of thousands of British families, and it's not going away. Kellogg's approached us to help them with new research they had conducted into so-called 'Food Deserts' where people have less access to fresh food and are paying more for their weekly shop. And they'd produced a map to pinpoint areas around the UK that are suffering the most. We worked with their communications team to ensure we had the right assets in place before we reached out to the media - powerful case studies, interesting filming locations, robust statistics and credible experts. 

Conversations then began with national outlets, and we targeted programmes and journalists we knew would be interested in the story. Coverage highlights included an interview on the BBC's  flagship discussion show, Victoria Derbyshire. There was also extensive coverage on Sky News, a report on the story ran throughout the day, as well as a live interview on Sky Sunrise. It was picked on radio too, with coverage across BBC local radio and Sky News Radio. The total potential reach was more than 40 million people.