BBC News Uncovered

We were delighted to host our first event of year at Good Broadcast; BBC News Uncovered with Sam Taylor, Executive Editor of the BBC News Channel and the BBC News at One and Tom Bateman, BBC News correspondent. They explained what it takes to get a story on BBC News, and what journalists expect from PRs when they’re attempting to land coverage. Here are their top tips…                         

  • Organisations need to get on the ‘front foot’ when reacting to stories. They’re not quick enough to offer interesting spokespeople when a big story breaks.
  • The BBC is always looking for ‘genuine expertise’ from spokespeople. Not enough thought goes into finding key people within organisations that can offer real insight with a different perspective.
  • BBC News is increasingly looking for ‘real people with real stories’, especially in digital media. Case studies are vital and will help sell a story.
  • Businesses shouldn’t be scared of putting up their CEOs for interviews. The potential return usually outweighs the risk of appearing on high profile BBC networks.         
  • The title of the guest is not as important as how compelling they are on air. If the story is a good one and they can offer insight then they don’t need to be the boss
  • Press releases can be completely overwhelming for journalists. You have to question whether it’s the right approach, and keep it brief if you go down that route.
  • Weekends can be overlooked by PRs – there’s often an opportunity to get a spokesperson on the air on a Saturday and Sunday when there’s a substantial audience.