Jeremy Vine on why video hasn't killed the radio star

This morning we were delighted to host Jeremy Vine, presenter of radio’s No.1 News show here at Good Broadcast and hear him share some of his favourite broadcast moments and his insight into the power of radio.

Here are a few of our favourite insights from the talk:

Power of personality

Radio is the perfect medium to connect an audience with the personality of the presenter. It’s this connection with the personalities of the greatest broadcasters of our times which makes radio successful, so old fashioned yet so resilient.

Jeremy Vine’s favourite radio personalities of all time are: 

  1. Kenny Everett (a childhood inspiration who sparked his love for radio)
  2. John Peel
  3. Terry Wogan
  4. Chris Evans
  5. Steve Wright


Power of what’s real

Radio also connects audiences directly with callers and gives them an authentic experience with quick access to real life people with real life stories: it’s the power of what’s real.

Power of location

Without the need for big cameras and crews, radio has the power to locate the listener right at the heart of the action whether it be in a war zone or outside Downing street. It is also an evocative medium which helps listeners imagine what it is like to be there and not feel like they are looking in from the outside.

Power to the listener

Radio can shift power to the listener in the most joyful way, allowing the smallest voice to be heard and opinions to be formed by the listeners themselves.

Power of the platform

Jeremy indicated that the platform BBC Radio 2 gives his show, with Ken Bruce before him and Steve Wright after, is one of the secrets to its success. The range of different shows helps encourage the listener to engage with a variety of genres.

… and finally Jeremy credited the success of his show with the mix of content they broadcast. It is a mix of news, entertainment, tragedy and comedy. Just like life.

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