Good Broadcast Delivers: Talk TV and Times Radio

Times Radio and Talk TV feature a unique editorial agenda with presenters who cover breaking news and well informed discussions, whilst also knowing how to get the nation talking. For our latest “Good Broadcast Delivers…” event, we hosted Entertainment Producer at Times Radio and Producer at Talk TV, Johnny Seifert, alongside our Head of Broadcast, Matt Gooderick, to give us the inside track into how to land a Christmas campaign amidst the cost of living crisis.

From pitching during a cost of living crisis through to how to get noticed in the current editorial landscape, we covered a range of themes including:

The best timings of when to launch campaigns in the run up to Christmas
The key editorial themes to play into, to effectively land broadcast coverage
The latest insight into what kind of spokespeople work best for what shows across the Times Radio and Talk TV network

Please do get in touch if you’d like a copy of the recording and, of course, do let us know if we can help support you with your broadcast PR offering.

Johnny Seifert, Entertainment Producer at Times Radio, Producer at Talk TV
Vishal Gadhavi, Director, Good Broadcast
Matt Gooderick, Head of Broadcast, Good Broadcast

This is the latest in our series of virtual ‘Good Broadcast Delivers’ events.

This event has passed. To join our events guestlist or for a copy of our previous event recordings, please contact us.