Navigator Report

Every year HSBC publish their annual ‘Navigator’ report, an in depth study of thousands of companies around the world and the UK. It’s a substantial piece of research asking c-suite executives for their thoughts on future trading prospects, and how the prevailing economic climate will affect their ability to grow their business in the medium to long term. Our remit was to advise HSBC on whether the campaign would work on high-end business programmes that themselves are watched and listened to by decision makers, corporate directors and high net worth individuals.

Once we established that the campaign was strong enough to go to the media with, we worked with HSBC to determine the best angles and how to pitch to journalists to get maximum exposure. We helped to identify two distinct audiences – global and domestic – and tailored our approaches accordingly by offering different spokespeople from within the business that we knew would be of interest to different programmes.

By using our extensive media contacts we were able to secure two of the most high profile business programmes that are watched and listened to by high level decision makers. The Today programme were interested in the juxtaposition of businesses saying they felt confident about the future despite global trade wars, and Ian King on Sky wanted to discuss how UK businesses were adapting to uncertain economic trading conditions created by our uncertain political climate. In both interviews HSBC were able to deliver their key message that global trade is alive and well.