Good Broadcast Presents: Good Morning Britain

Date: 06/02/2020

Good Morning Britain is one of the most watched TV News programmes in the UK, with a unique editorial agenda and presenters who know how to make a splash. Getting a story on GMB is a priority for lots of PRs, so for our first event of the year Good Broadcast hosted the programme’s deputy planning editor, Carl Hemp, at one of our regular events to give us the inside track. Here are his top tips..
Pick the right topics: Carl outlined what the programme likes to cover over and above the usual cut and thrust of the day’s news. Top of the list is anything to do with being ‘woke’, which is a particular area of interest to Piers. Other hot topics include veganism, the BBC license fee and in the future they’d like to do more based around the environment.
Know the programme: Carl said it was crucial PRs understood the mood of the programme, which includes getting to know what the presenters like to talk about. One of the easiest wins is to pick a subject you know will spark an argument between Piers and Susanna.
Pitching the perfect story: Having a high profile celebrity makes a big difference, but they need to be connected to the story in an authentic way. Human interest stories are integral to the programme, so always make sure you have a powerful case study if possible.
Understanding the GMB planning process: The planning department always consider stories two days in advance – so on a Wednesday, they’re thinking about Friday’s show. They do also plan stories way in advance, sometimes a year ahead, so get in touch in plenty of time. And there isn’t a bad time to call the planning desk – they’re willing to talk anytime.
Presenters are crucial: Carl pointed out that all the presenters are committed to making the programme the best it can be. None of the on-screen talent will just be given a story and present it without asking questions, everyone is involved in the decision making process. PRs need to watch the programme to truly understand what makes the presenters tick.
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