The Karren Brady MBA

This year Arden University is launching a new MBA course in association with one of the UK’s most prominent business leaders, Dame Karren Brady. It has a particular focus on promoting so-called ‘soft skills’, helping students develop their communication and negotiation skills, as well as resilience and the ability to ‘speak up and be heard’ in the workplace. To make as much noise as possible about the course, we worked with them to develop a story based around the skills that businesses are looking for from graduates.

The results were eye opening. Two thirds of small and medium sized businesses in the UK said graduates lacked the crucial skills to succeed in the workplace. It gave us the perfect platform to raise a real issue facing employers that fed into what Arden University are trying to do with their new MBA course. Using Baroness Brady and the Chief Executive of Arden University, we were able to provoke debate on dozens of outlets. Our spokespeople used the story to talk about issues they were passionate about, and at the same time point out what the new MBA had to offer.
We were able to place Baroness Brady on Ian King Live on Sky News, on Simon McCoy’s show on the BBC News Channel and,  alongside Arden University’s CEO, on BBC radio stations across the UK.